Storming the Hill 2017

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    MOAA’s 2017 Storming the Hill Brochure

    A Survivor’s Penalty (PDF)

    An unfair law costs the families of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice $15,000 annually. Here’s how it’s hurting them.

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    Send a message to your elected officials

    Tell your representatives that you oppose cutting pay and benefits and shifting costs to servicemembers, retirees, and military families.

  • Read about the issues, MOAA's position and recommendation.
    • Eliminate Harmful Sequestration Cuts (PDF):

      Sequestration that puts America's national defense at risk. Unless the current law is changed, the Defense Department will have to cut billions in defense spending, regardless of national threats.

    • Eliminate the "Widows Tax" (PDF):

      MOAA's one-page talking paper on eliminating the SBP-DIC offset for military survivors

    • Prevent Disproportional TRICARE Fee Hikes (PDF):

      Decades of arduous service and sacrifice in uniform constitute very large, prepaid, in-kind premiums that warrant a top-tier health benefit. Our leave behind fact sheet urges Congress to remain consistent with that philosophy and reject any disproportional TRICARE fee hikes.


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