MOAA Wants Your Pharmacy Feedback

January 27, 2017

This week, MOAA joined a gathering of senior leaders at the Defense Health Agency (DHA) to discuss improvements for the TRICARE health plan.

Express Scripts is the TRICARE program's pharmacy benefit manager, and representatives were on hand to present a review of their beneficiary engagement activities. The TRICARE pharmacy benefit remains one of MOAA's key focal areas, and our membership counts on us to interact with both TRICARE and Express Scripts to provide insight and feedback from the beneficiary perspective. 

TRICARE's pharmacy program plays a big part in the operations of the military health care system. For instance, on a weekly basis 2.45 million prescriptions are filled. Over 1 million of these are filled in the TRICARE pharmacy network, and Express Scripts fills close to a half a million prescriptions through the Home Delivery program. 

Pharmacies located within military hospitals round out this massive volume by dispensing over 800,000 additional prescriptions each week.

Needless to say, this dispensing activity represents an enormous amount of beneficiary engagement in their health care. 

Express Scripts also plays a significant role in helping move more beneficiaries into the Home Delivery program. To this end, they recognize that meeting and communicating with the beneficiary where they are most receptive and comfortable is instrumental to achieving a positive experience. 

Express Scripts has focused on the experience of care and invested in improvements such as chat capabilities, improving order turn-around times, enhanced auto refills, digital benefits information, virtual consultations with pharmacists and physicians, social media support, and much more. 

One particularly helpful tool is the Find a Pharmacy feature found on the Express Scripts website and through their mobile app. Beneficiaries can locate the closest in-network pharmacies, find pharmacies that are open 24-hours, etc. 

“We're pleased that Express Scripts values insights from our MOAA members, and we hope to continue to provide it so we may be a part of the development of meaningful technology and other improvements” said MOAA President and CEO Lt. Gen. Dana Atkins, USAF (Ret). 

If you have comments, concerns, or compliments about your experience with Express Scripts Inc. or the TRICARE pharmacy program generally, we want to hear from you. The feedback you provide may help shape the future of these benefits. Send your thoughts


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