Your Number One Priority

July 15, 2016

Last week, we asked you about your top priority among the current legislative proposals to:

  • Reduce the 2017 military pay raise for a fourth consecutive year
  • Impose big Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) cuts for thousands of servicemembers
  • Raise TRICARE enrollment fees
  • Raise TRICARE deductibles
  • Increase pharmacy copays
  • Allow variable pricing of goods sold in commissaries

About 6,000 of you responded, and here's your reported #1 priority.

#1 Retiree Concern:

Force Cuts 24%

Rx Copay Hikes 24%

Pay Raise Cap 22%

#1 Active Duty Concern:

Pay Raise Cap 23%

BAH Cut 21%

Force Cuts 16%

Our take-aways from these results:

  • All of these issues are important, and it's difficult to choose among them; and
  • Retired members still care deeply about what's happening to today's troops.

We also asked you to rate your level of concern on each issue on a 5-point scale from “not at all concerned” to “very concerned”. Here's what you said you're “very concerned” about:


Force Cuts 72%

Rx Copays 69%

Pay Raise Cap 62%

Deductibles 50%

Enrollment Fee 47%

Commissary 31%

BAH Cut 28%

Active Duty:

BAH Cut 64%

Pay Raise Cap 61%

Deductibles 51%

Enrollment Fee 46%

Force Cuts 44%

Rx Copays 37%

Commissary 17%


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