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March 25, 2016

Every year, MOAA provides tear-out letters in the Military Officer magazine to encourage members to mail physical letters to their elected officials. Members have asked whether these tear-out letters really make a difference, or if they even get through to the Hill in a timely way.

MOAA recently visited the House Armed Services Committee offices to check on the arrival of the tear-out letters we included with the February Military Officer Magazine. By early March, the Committee had received thousands of MOAA members' letters.

Tear out Letters

The Committee staff has told us many times these letters do make a difference. A couple of years ago, MOAA addressed the tear-out letters to Budget Committee leaders instead, only to have the Armed Services Committee staff suggest we go back to sending letters to Armed Services, as they help leadership understand beneficiary interests.

MOAA uses the February or March magazines to carry the tear-out letters and post cards because it can take about four weeks for them to start arriving on the Hill.

In that regard, the Armed Services Committees usually start preparing the Defense Authorization Bill around the end of April or early May. The publication of the letters is timed to have them arrive on the Hill before then, so they can be taken into consideration.

MOAA thanks you for mailing in your tear-out letters. You are making a difference.


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