MOAA’s TRICARE Reform Survey Results

December 4, 2015

As part of the FY2016 National Defense Authorization Act, the House and Senate Armed Services Committee Chairmen included language indicating that they anticipate their committees will be undertaking a reform of military health care programs as part of next year's defense bill. 

The Chairmen expressed concern that most reform efforts to date have focused on raising beneficiary fees, and that while they believe increased fees will be on the table in their reform consideration, they also want to look at the whole system from top to bottom to sustain readiness, implement efficiencies and deliver better care.

To help prepare for these discussions, MOAA developed a survey and asked for your inputs.  MOAA's intent was to gauge beneficiaries' experiences in accessing their health care, what they perceive as a reasonable cost for their care, and the quality of that health care received.

Over 30,000 of you responded. 

Once accessed, the vast majority of survey respondents are satisfied with their health care.  Here is a summary of satisfaction ratings on several key topics:

 Care Quality95% 86% 81% 
 Ability to Pick Dr90% 81% 62% 
 How Much You Pay86% 68% 80% 


On the ability to get routine care within the 7-day DoD timeliness standard, 20% of TRICARE Prime beneficiaries said they “rarely or never” can get care that fast - almost double the TFL and Standard responses. 

Among Prime beneficiaries, those seeking care in military facilities reported much greater problems getting appointments than those seeing civilian providers.

The most consistent responses among all survey takers were on the question, “Is it reasonable to ask military beneficiaries to pay more?”  The percentage saying “definitely not” or “probably not” was 76% for TFL beneficiaries, 74% for Prime, and 78% for Standard, with all categories reporting 56-58% saying “definitely not”.        

MOAA greatly appreciates everyone that participated in the survey. We used your responses to substantiate our testimony to Congress on Thursday, and your voices were heard.  


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