MOAA Outlines the Future of Military Health Care

As the leading advocate for military personnel, retirees, and veterans and their families, MOAA joined the Association of Military Surgeons of the United States this week to share our vision of what the future of health care should look and feel like for beneficiaries.

Understanding the future evolution of military health care is an important undertaking, and MOAA offered the perspective of the Military Health System's most critical stakeholders: beneficiaries.

“Beneficiaries in the future will be increasingly consumer-centric, using health technology more,” said MOAA President and CEO Lt. Gen. Dana Atkins, USAF (Ret), “and they will be interested in new technologies to support health care in the home or in their workplace, for example, telemedicine and remote-patient monitoring.”

The future health care system will be, and must be, built on the present. The recent passing of the FY 2017 defense act provides our military with a comprehensive and modernized health benefit plan, which supports both medical readiness and beneficiary care. The changes scheduled to be implemented represent a large-scale systemic transformation.

Atkins noted that, in many respects, these changes were much-needed, and many have been long sought by both MOAA and its partners in The Military Coalition.

From the perspective of the beneficiary, MOAA sees a future system where health care providers collaborate to create a coherent beneficiary experience. Providers will have the flexibility and incentives to innovate and will be rewarded for quality outcomes that reduce costs in the long run. In this system, beneficiaries are actively engaged in their health care decisions and they can easily use their technology for access when, where, and how they want it.

“When we focus on medical care in the future, it always needs to be through the beneficiary's lense,” said Atkins. “What matters to the beneficiary is access, quality, continuity, the referral process and the associated fee structure. Other industries are proof that a beneficiary-centric approach works. Culture and leadership have the ability to change.”


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