Defense Bill Budget Timeline

January 22, 2016 

The White House announced that the president's budget request will be delivered to Congress on Feb 9. Once the budget request is received, the ball gets rolling on the defense bill. 

Below is MOAA's estimated timeline of the FY 2017 defense bill process: DB budget timeline


Feb 9: The president submits his annual budget proposal to Congress. MOAA expects to see another military pay raise cap, more Basic Housing Allowance cuts, and proposals to significantly overhaul military health care. 

MOAA will begin analyzing the impact of the proposals on currently serving and retired members and families and begin preparing fact sheets and brochures to articulate MOAA's positions to Congress and the public. 

Late March: Six weeks after the president delivers his budget to Congress, congressional committees are required to submit their “views and estimates” of spending and revenues within their respective jurisdictions to the House and Senate Budget Committees. In essence, these represent requests for the budget levels needed to provide for the nation's defense. 

April 11-13: In the middle of the defense bill process, MOAA will invite Chapter and Council leaders from across the country to Storm the Hill to meet with their elected officials on military personnel and benefits issues.

April - May: The House and Senate Armed Services Committees are expected to begin work drafting their respective versions of the FY 2017 defense bill.

May - June: Full House and Senate pass their respective versions of the defense bill.

July - October: House and Senate negotiators work to resolve differences between their respective versions.

July-August: MOAA provides its members detailed information to use when visiting their elected officials as they return home to do district work during the August recess.

October-December: Final defense bill passed by House and Senate and becomes law.

MOAA will periodically send you action alerts urging you to send your elected officials MOAA-suggested messages. We will need your help contacting Congress and urging them to do the right thing by servicemembers and their families.

Specifically, the February issue of Military Officer Magazine, which you'll receive soon, contains tear-out letters we hope you'll sign, stamp and mail to elected officials.


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