Member Books for November 2014


Arkansas Civil War Heritage: A Legacy of Honor. By Col. W. Stuart Towns, USA (Ret), Ph.D., MOAA Memphis (Tenn.) Chapter. The History Press,, ISBN 978-1626191921. 160 pp. $19.99.

The American Civil War shaped the course of the country's history and its national identity. This is no less true for the state of Arkansas. Throughout the Natural State, people have paid homage and remembrance to those who fought and what was fought for in memorial celebrations and rituals. The memory of the war has been kept alive by reunions and preservationists, continuing to shape the way the War Between the States affects Arkansas and its people. Historian W. Stuart Towns expertly tells the story of Arkansas's Civil War heritage through its rituals of memorial, commemoration and celebration that continue today.

A Journey in the Fog of Depression: A Military Officer’s Experience. By Capt. Todd G. Kruder, USN. Seurat Innovations LLC. ISBN 978-1492878117. $16.99. ebook: $2.99.

Through a seemingly series of unrelated events a Navy Captain with over 26 years of Naval Service, a loving wife, and five children realizes that his mental pain and anguish that had brought him so perilously close to self-destruction may very well be deeply rooted in the events of his past. The Captain takes us with him on his personal voyage. A voyage that takes us in the perils of the fog. As his thoughts become more and more obscured by his fog of depression he begins to seek solace in both despair and loneliness.

A Journey in the Fog of Depression: A Military Spouse’s Experience. By Capt. Todd G. Kruder, USN, and Sharon Kruder. Seurat Innovations LLC. ISBN 978-1497436947. $10.99. ebook: $2.99.

The Journey in the Fog of Depression: A Military Spouse’s Experience is a unique view into the life of a Military Spouse and her personal accounting of the events and effects of her husband’s depression. Written in a narrative style, the authors describe in detail, the events, challenges, and experiences of what life is like married to a military officer. We learn how the early challenges of their marriage and the frequent deployments instilled in her, the strength and determination to save the life of her spouse. A compelling description of relentless perseverance and hope.

Live Rich on a Small Income. By former Navy Lt. David Taylor. da house publishing. ISBN 9781484160473. 82 pp. $10. Available at

Live Rich on a Small Income is a guide to getting the most out of your wealth and income. It contains suggestions on how to make your income go further, downsizing your home and how to best invest in a smaller more efficient house. Included are 24 house plans of various smaller size homes. Also included is a chapter about living on the road.

MacArthur and Halsey’s “Pacific Island Hoppers”: The Forgotten Fleet of World War II. By Cmdr. David D. Bruhn, USN (Ret), Valley-Ridge (Calif.) Chapter. ISBN 978-0-7884-5541-4. 398 pp. $33.50.

At the commencement of World War II, the Navy and the Army-woefully lacking small ships able to ply shallow, reef-infested South and Southwest Pacific waters, which were necessary to support island ground combat-initially acquired whatever was available in ports, harbors, and backwaters to meet their needs. These vessels included schooners, ancient ferry boats, luggers, fishing trawlers, tuna boats, tugs, launches, lighters, surf boats, ketches, yachts, and yawls. The services took whatever craft they could get-some barely seaworthy-as the urgency of need did not permit discrimination in what was purchased or chartered. Gen. Douglas MacArthur, needing his own Navy to support leapfrog operations up the New Guinea coast, found his vessels in Australia and New Zealand, and the Navy its small ships and craft in America. These "Pacific island hoppers" were later supplemented with other small vessels newly constructed in American boat and shipyards. Among them were sixty Navy wooden-hulled 103-foot small coastal transports, hundreds of Army freight-supply ships and large tugs, and lesser numbers of coastal tankers and harbor tugs. The Army ships-most of steel construction, a few of wood-were manned by Coast Guard, Merchant Marine, or Army crews. The islands hoppers worked mostly with amphibious forces, but also supported PT boat squadrons, and as "maids of all duties" engaged in a variety of operations. Periodic combat with Japanese planes off the New Guinea coast and in the Solomon Islands transitioned to frequent battles with conventional and kamikaze aircraft and suicide Q-boats during the Philippine Islands Campaign. Significant numbers of the island hoppers earned battle stars, and crewmen awards for valor including the Navy Cross, the Silver Star and the Bronze Star medals. Following the war, the Navy acquired some of the Army ships; many served in the Korean War and a few in Vietnam. Three of the former freight-supply ships were employed for intelligence gathering; the most famous, USS Pueblo, was captured by North Korea. Others led interesting careers under civilian ownership; one was run aground while engaged in drug smuggling in the Caribbean, and another served as a "radio pirate" off England, broadcasting BBC-banned rock and roll music over the airwaves in 1966.

Numerous photographs, maps, data-rich appendices, and an index to full-names, places and subjects add to the value of this work.

Marine Corps Deaths, 1917-1921. By Lt. Craig R. Scott, MSC, USN (Ret), Life Member. Heritage Books. ISBN 978-0-7884-5487-5. 438 pp. $35.50.

Information was gleamed from several sources, including Record Group 127, Records of the United States Marine Corps, Entry 107, Register of Deaths of Marine Corps Personnel During World War I, 1918-19 (the Officer List and the Enlisted List), housed at the National Archives in Washington, D. C.; Officers and Enlisted Men of the United States Marine Corps (except Overseas Dead) Who Died Between November 12, 1918 and November 17, 1921, Inclusive, along with documents of other deaths not yet sourced properly; the Marine Corps Roll of Honor, Annual Report of the Secretary of the Navy for 1918; and other privately possessed records. Each entry gives the name of the Marine, rank, company, regiment, cause of death, date and place of death, and name and address of next of kin. Entries are followed by source information; source codes are identified on the Abbreviations page.

It is not unusual for the dates of death to differ between the official report and the date found on the tombstone. This discrepancy is usually a few days; however, in cases where it is longer, the discrepancy is noted. A death entry, even taken from a tombstone, may not indicate the actual burial of an individual; many tombstones are memorial stones and may not be located at the actual burial site. In some cases, there is a memorial in one cemetery and a tombstone in another. The Marines who died on the U.S.S. Cyclops were lost at sea, yet several have tombstones.

Mending the S.E.A.M.: A Process for Enhancing Traditional Depression Therapies. By Capt. Todd G. Kruder, USN. Seurat Innovations LLC. ISBN 978-1492882091. $14.99. ebook: $2.99.

The second book in the series by the author of A Journey in the Fog of Depression: A Military Officer's Experience; Discover how he utilizes his ability to define processes in the development of a game changing, step by step model, that blossoms into a fascinating fresh look deep into our own unique experiences. Through a detailed approach, he takes the intangible form of an experience and transforms it into a 3D object. Using only pencil, graph paper, and coins; he demonstrates each step in detail. Learn how the young boy turned military officer finds himself sitting in his family room, alone, depressed, and contemplating his own suicide muttering the words: "The quickest path to freedom is through any vein in your body." The phrase echoes in his mind, resonating, and haunting him. Carrying him deeper into the fog of his depression. A compelling book developed for the purpose of enhancing existing therapies available to our active duty, veterans, and their families suffering the devastating effects of depression.

The Men of Alpha Company: Combat with the 173rd Airborne Brigade, Vietnam, 1969-1970. By Army Lt. Col. John D. Chapla. ISBN 978-1105280436. 136 pp. $45.

The Men of Alpha Company details the service, sacrifices and heroism of the paratroopers of the celebrated 173rd Airborne Brigade during a year of combat in South Vietnam, as seen by a man who led them as a rifle platoon leader and company executive officer.


A Requiem for Crows: A Novel of Vietnam. By Lt. Col. Dennis Foley, USA (Ret). Open Road Media. ASIN B00ISH77IK. $9.99.

A reluctant young draftee finds himself abandoned in combat during a turbulent period in America’s history.

With “a bit of James Dean in his walk, Elvis in his smile and Jerry Lee Lewis in his attitude,” Scotty Hayes is an unlikely candidate for the army. But the draft board is about to turn his world upside down. Two months after Scotty hitches a ride from Belton, Florida, to Fort Benning in Georgia with exactly thirty-nine dollars in his pocket, the president is assassinated. And Scotty is suddenly facing combat in Vietnam.

Now, Sergeant Hayes, accidental soldier, is at war against a new kind of enemy, fighting deadly AK-47 fire, the jungle, and treachery within his ranks. When a superior’s cowardice plunges Scotty into a hot zone with his comrades’ lives at stake, he must find an answer for the danger that threatens to engulf them all.

Given. By Maj. Paul Fitz-Patrick, USAF (Ret), Life Member, Cumberland Valley (Pa.) Chapter. Wasteland Press. ISBN 978-1-600447-961-8. 404 pp. $18.95.

Given is a story of God’s unconditional love. Like the prodigal son, we can make a mess of our lives. People, especially our mothers, see the self-destruction, and because of their faith in our all-loving God, persevere in praying for us. God waits with open arms for our return and He showers us with graces and awesome love. The journey begins in a small town in southern Pennsylvania, and takes the reader to the University of Notre Dame, Rome, and suburban Philadelphia. As the story unfolds, the lives of a single mother, a middle aged artist, a wealthy recluse, a high school teacher and two mothers are connected in a special plan — God’s perfect plan.


Another Set of Hands: A Collection of Short Diaconal Stories. By Capt. Tom Quinlan, USAF (Ret). Industrial Printers of Colorado, ISBN 978-0-9615691-1-5. 64 pp. $14.95. Available at

A collection of 36 short stories about being a Roman Catholic permanent deacon for over 20 years.

My War: With True Rescue Stories. By Lt. Col. Gerald C. Haynes, USAF (Ret). PublishAmerica. ISBN 978-1424167845. 77 pp. $18.12.

This book relates several stories of one man’s air rescues while flying the original Jolly Green helicopter, the HH-3E. He tells of his tour of duty in Thailand, flying missions into Laos, and details his life during that period. He tells of his activities in Thailand during the lull in flight operations, a side not normally included in books about rescue missions. Some readers might be surprised at the amount of recreation one could find during a combat tour of duty.