Member Books for May 2015


Accuracy: A Brief Guide to Precision Shooting. By 1st Lt. Frank Troy, USA (Ret), Ph.D. CreateSpace. ISBN 978-1-5008-9101-5. Paperback: $10.49. Kindle: $5.49.

Accuracy carefully and clearly describes the principles of precision marksmanship that are not visible to an observer. It teaches the reader how to employ the scientific method to build stable shooting positions and an effective training program. It describes key physical skills essential to precision shooting. It describes in detail the psychological elements of peak performance as they operate in world-champion shooters. And it clarifies for the non-scientist how Newton’s laws of motion affect recoil and trajectory in ways most people have never thought about. The book focuses on three-position rifle shooting, but the principles apply to all hand-held guns. Concise, clear, and highly readable, this book is of value to any marksmanship coach or shooter in search of greater accuracy.

Beads of Water: Finding Relief: Notes and Poems About Living70 + Years With PTSD. By 1st Lt. Frank Troy, USA (Ret), Ph.D. CreateSpace. ISBN 978-1-5027-3956-8. Paperback: $13.45. Kindle: $7.99.

Beads of Water equips you to better understand PTSD whether you are a victim or you interact with a victim as a therapy provider, family member, or friend. The author, a retired college professor, acquired severe PTSD in early childhood, around 1941, when the disorder was unknown. Throughout his life he struggled to function normally despite what are now called flashbacks of emotions like anxiety, dread, fear, and depression that seemed to strike him out of nowhere. With no understanding of why he was visited by these sometimes powerful emotions, he believed his only course of action was to resist and stand strong. His internal struggles and suffering exacted a high cost, however, because they placed intense strains on his relationships with the people he loved. At age 65 he was finally diagnosed with PTSD, and using the research skills acquired during his PhD training, he began a journey of learning, understanding, and healing. This book is his effort to help others cope more effectively with PTSD using simple techniques he found in numerous sources ranging from ancient wisdom to the latest concepts in psychotherapy and brain science. The narrative is heartfelt and frequently moving. The material is unusual in blending candid and sometimes deeply intimate details of his personal life with important philosophical and scientific insights. The text sometimes introduces advanced ideas, but the presentation and language are always clear and easy to understand by the average reader.

Flying Into History: Meet the Heroes of Air Force Flying Class 55N (Vol. 2). By Lt. Col. Richard E. Pierson, USAFR (Ret), Life Member, and Col. Billie H. Parker, USAF (Ret). CreateSpace. ISBN 9781505326666. $25.28.

Flying into History is about the heroes of Air Force Flying Class 55N. They all flew for the Air Force in defense of our country during a time of three wars, the ending of the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Cold War. Yes, the Cold War was dangerous and some aircraft were shot down. Three of the 55N Class pilots lost their lives in combat in Vietnam. None of them even flinched at being sent into harm's way for military needs whether it be combat or other military needs. All of their stories are interesting. They include such stories as flying as Forward Air Controllers in Vietnam putting close air support fighters and gunships on the enemy to save friendly ground forces under attack, combat rescue in Cambodia after being shot down, ejecting from an aircraft without using the parachute and surviving, surviving mid-air collisions, developing the AC-47, AC-130, B-58, FB-111, F-16, and Titan IIIC space booster, attacking tanks in Laos with an AC-119K gunship, making a zero/zero landing in a C-124, and many other miraculous saves from aircraft emergencies.

For the Living of These Days. By Col. David L. Petty, USAFR (Ret), Roadrunner (N.M.) Chapter. CrossBooks, ISBN 978-1-4627-3898-4. Softcover: $11.99. Hardcover: $28.95. E-book: $3.99.

"I'm on death row; the state wants to kill me, but I'm innocent! Can you help me get through these days?"

In this manner, I was invited to become Joe's pen pal. My agreement set in motion a long, arduous pilgrimage.

Little in my background seemed suitable for such an undertaking, yet I had personally wrestled with the issues of criminal behavior, corrections, and capital punishment. Also, as a Christian, I felt that there was a spiritual dimension to be explored. If execution was to come, shouldn't we deal with Job's question: "If a man die, will he live again?" Indeed I believe that all people should prepare for the aftermath of physical death.

Joe was an exceptional young man, an atypical inmate. He was a scholar- in a place where such would be deemed next to impossible. He was a trusty-in a place where the rank-and-file would ridicule industriousness. He became a saint-in a place where unrepentant sinners were the norm.

The pending peril of execution became the linchpin for our ongoing exchanges regarding the issues of capital punishment and spiritual readiness for early death. For the Living of These Days was, for both of us, a living toward dying. But isn't that true for everyone?

Forgotten: Ideological Conflicts in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. By Col. Sam Holliday, USA (Ret), Life Member, Orange-Chatham (N.C.) Chapter. BookLogix. ISBN 978-1610055079.

Forgotten vividly preserves the reality of what took place in Korea and Vietnam and then states the lessons that should have been learned. It takes you on a trip into the intensity of life close to death, with glimpses of the sublime, strange, and selfless that those who were there can never forget. Those who have never been in combat do not understand it, so Forgotten seeks to change this. Through reconstructing and retracing the path of the 29th and 35th Infantry Regiments, Forgotten illustrates why combat camaraderie is the key to success in battle, recognizes the nobility and heroism of those fighters who protect all that we have and cherish, and explains some of the lessons that should have been learned, but were forgotten. The courage, skill, fear, and luck displayed in both the defeats and successes of combat are often ignored or distorted as the media reacts to massive firepower, political arguments, inhumanity, and myths. Forgotten is a step on the path of correction.

Start Everything Finish Nothing: The Curse of Modern Management. By Col. Rolfe Arnhym, USA (Ret), Life Member. Digalign LLC, ISBN 978-0-9909798-0-7. $17.99.

With many lessons learned from multiple careers that will get you from start to finish, Arnhym has the ability to put you in his shoes as he relays his business insights learned through a highly successful and varied 60-year career. His tried-and-true methodology for leadership is shown through his incredible experiences as a leader in many different areas of the business world. Leadership can take many forms and have many degrees of success. Learn what works and what doesn't from an expert who has experienced and thrived in almost every type of leadership situation.


Almost Eden. By Col. Richard Taylor, USA (Ret), Life Member, Atlanta Chapter. CreateSpace. ISBN 978-1503362888. Ppaerback: $9.99. E-book: $5.99.

Almost Eden is a love story wrapped in a war. Izzy, the guerrilla girl born of a jungle war in Luzon during World War II, defies her parents' wishes and flies to Vietnam as a Red Cross volunteer. Along the way she meets Abe, a soldier, and falls in love. Their devotion is tested by the most difficult of life's challenges but they find inspiration from the family's patron spirit of enduring affection.

Almost Eden (Vietnam) traces the family saga begun in Eden Lost (Philippine-American War) and continued in Return to Eden (World War II).

Taylor, influenced by the war in Vietnam, is inspired to share deeply inspiring accounts in fiction, many derived from experience and his seminal work Prodigals: A Vietnam Story.

Return to Eden. By Col. Richard Taylor, USA (Ret), Life Member, Atlanta Chapter. CreateSpace. ISBN 978-1501069413. Paperback: $8.39. E-book: 2.99.

Joshua Armand left Manila in 1901 with only the haunting memory of the beautiful and mysterious Isabella (Eden Lost). When his son, Joe, unearthed long-buried secrets about her in 1940, her spirit moved.

Joe sailed to Manila on business in 1941 and met a red-headed nurse at the cemetery where Isabella was buried. As they fell in love, neither expected to be hurled into a world war, but Japanese struck Pearl Harbor and Luzon and they were trapped as defenses of Bataan and Corregidor collapsed and Manila became a brutally occupied city. To survive until MacArthur's return, they were driven at great risk into mountainous jungles to fight with rugged Philippine guerrillas—with Japanese soldiers and police hot on their trail. Four years of serving with guerrillas brought dangers, troubles, and in spite of everything--enduring love.

Joshua Armand broke his vow and returned to Eden for a rendezvous with his personal destiny where he also discovered that true love transcends time.


High and Higher: Memoir of a Career Naval Aviator and Missionary Teacher to China. By Cmdr. Frank Burleson, USN (Ret), Life Member. Xulon Press. ISBN 978-1-4984-1984-3. $14.99. To purchase the book at the author’s discount price, email

This memoir is an adventure story and spiritual journey of the author from birth to the present. Join him in his growing up years in South Dakota during the Great Depression. The book has many household moves during grade school and high school and later in military life. He enjoyed sports and was captain of the basketball teams in high school and at Bethel College in St. Paul, Minnesota. Leaving college in his third year he entered flight training as an aviation cadet in Pensacola, Florida. After commissioning as a Naval officer and designated a Naval aviator many interesting operational assignments followed such as honing his flying skills on the windy icy runways of the Aleutian Islands, missions during the Viet Nam War and other deployments to Japan, Iceland and Sicily. Retirement after more than 28 years of service flying high in the sky as a pilot sent him to a higher level as he went into full time service for the Lord. Using teaching as an entree into the Peoples Republic of China, he and his wife spent 4 and 1/2 years teaching and sharing their faith there and one semester doing the same in Myanmar (Burma). Many interesting descriptions depict China as a poor and inward thinking nation back in 1990 when they first arrived. However, a thirst for the God they did not know about was evident. Rejoice with the author and his wife as they share how many young people came to know the Lord and lives were changed. Many of these Chinese brothers and sisters are still in contact with them. The final conclusion is both inspiring and thought provoking.

The High-Heeled Dog: The Adventures of a U.S. Army Family in 1950s West Germany. By Beverley Sawin.Amazon Digital Services. ASIN B00RH7F7QG. 

In 1952, the Sawin/Newbern family were among the thousands of Americans stationed in Germany following the end of WWII. During the next two years, they found themselves learning German, dealing with the ups and downs of Army housing, and encountering a "high-heeled dog." This book was originally written in 1954-55, and offers a first-hand account of what it was like for military dependents to live in post-war Germany. The story starts with the family's travel via ship to Germany from their home in Springfield, Mass., and follows them through the challenges of finding housing, which often had been commandeered from German citizens. They traveled throughout Europe and witnessed the ravages that were still evident from World War II. This original manuscript documents first-hand what dependents encountered in Germany, and how ordinary German citizens responded to them.

May You Live inInteresting Times: My 1960s! By Lt. Col. Calvin C. Seybold, USA (Ret), Life Member. BookBaby. ISBN 978-1-483-54057-3. E-book: $9.99. 

In the Fall of 2013, at the urging of family and a few friends Cal Seybold wrote a small book of some of his youthful escapades in the Army during the 1960s. The booklet was published locally by him and given as Christmas gifts to family and a few friends. He called the booklet, May You Live in Interesting Times: My 1960s, and it covered his time as a second lieutenant of Infantry during a tour in Korea and two tours with the Army Special Forces in Vietnam, initially as a first lieutenant and then as a captain. The booklet is more akin to “M.A.S.H.” than any serious military literature. Cal had always wished that his father had written some of his stories for the family; Cal believes his father's stories are getting more and more distorted with each retelling. Now future generations can enjoy Cal's social disasters from the 1960s, which with the aid of time and age, appear more as youthful antics.

A Widower’s Walk: From Desert to Destiny. By Lt. Col. Danny White, USMC (Ret), Life Member.Faith Printing Co., ISBN 978-1-4675-9870-5. $13.95. 

A Widower’s Walk: From Desert to Destiny is an autobiographical story of the leadership journey and lessons learned of LtCol Danny White, USMC (Ret.). During a 1997 military move, Danny watched his pregnant wife Jenny and five-year old son Danny die in a single vehicle accident. The Commandant of the Marine Corps called to check on Danny that December day—throwing him a lifeline of hope to keep going as an instant single parent. In 2012, Danny retired from the Marine Corps and founded Lead with Liberty as Calling #2. He serves as a professional speaker and trainer on leadership at home, at work, and in community.