Member Books for June 2015


The Cancer Solution: Taking Charge of Your Life With Cancer . By former Navy Reserve Lt. Jack C. Westman, M.D., Life Member, St. Petersburg (Fla.) Area Chapter. Archway Publishing. ISBN 978-1-4808-1308-3.

The Cancer Solution: Taking Charge of your Life with Cancer

This book is a wake-up call and a call to action for cancer patients, their loved ones and the general public. Conventional cancer care needs to be vastly improved according to the American Society of Clinical Oncology and the National Cancer Institute. Patients know it firsthand. They are obliged to accept chances for 5-year survival with likely debilitation rather than complete remissions (cures). Everyone is paying the price of excessive cancer care costs in their health care insurance.
The sun rises and the sun sets. It seems like the sun rotates around the Earth. Cancer cells rise and are killed by surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. It seems like cancer is a disease. But the sun does not rotate around the Earth, and cancer is not a disease. The many kinds of cancer cells are the products of the disease neoplasia that can emerge from normal cells in our bodies' organs and tissues.
OLD MODEL: Treatment is determined by a tumor's location in the body without regard for the molecular characteristics of the patient or the tumor and for the environment of the tumor.
NEW MODEL: Research will focus on how cancer cells evade the natural defenses in the body's immune system that prevent and stop the formation of cancer cells through the process of neoplasia . This kind of research is finally beginning to lead to the successful treatment of some forms of cancer and should be given the highest priority.
A usable handbook for cancer for both patients and health professionals, The Cancer Solution  empowers patients to take control of their life with cancer and advocate for improving cancer research and treatment.

Medic Against Bomb: A Doctor's Poetry of War . By Capt. Frederick Foote, USN (Ret), M.D. Grayson Books. ISBN 978-0-9913861-1-6.

Many of the poems developed from experiences on the hospital ship COMFORT, where military medical personnel cared for mostly Iraqi patients. Other poems emerged from the experience of caring for sick and wounded American servicemen and women, and for their families.

A Place of Miracles: The Story of a Children's Hospital in Kabul and the People Whose Lives Have Been Changed by It . By Lt. Cmdr. Lee Hilling, USN (Ret). Outskirts Press. ISBN 978-1-4787-4691-1.

Red Flag From the Ground Up . By Capt. Kernan Chaisson, USAF (Ret), Life Member. Lion Publications. ISBN 978-1-939335-37-1. Kindle ASIN B00QL2XUFI. Print versions ($22.95) are available from Lion Publications and A Kindle version ($9.95) is available at

To Fly the Gentle Giants: The Training of U.S. WWII Glider Pilots . By Col. J. Norman Grim, USA (Ret), Grand Canyon (Ariz.) Chapter. ISBN 978-1-4389-0484-9.


Altamaha Sunset: A Civil War Era Novel

Altamaha Sunset is a novel about a young man growing up on the family farm near Savannah, in pre-Civil War Georgia experiencing subsistence farming and the awkward situation of his family owning two slaves. A growing romance between his older brother Daniel and the slave girl Aliyah causes turmoil within the family. In the second year of the war, Micah and Daniel enlist in the army and participate in the battles of their Confederate unit. Following their release at the end of the war and while traveling home, Micah, Daniel and their fellow soldiers are robbed which begins a challenging sequence of events during the turbulent reconstruction period occurring in the South. Micah finds himself torn between caring for his family and farm and the need to help Aliyah and former slaves protect themselves from the evils of ex-Confederate gangs fomenting violence in Savannah.

American Odyssey: Alaskan Genesis . By Col. John E. Swindells, USA (Ret), Life Member. Createspace. ISBN 978-1-5053-6259-6.

American Odyssey: Alaskan Genesis plunges you into a prehistoric tale of star-crossed lovers. Grounded in anthropological facts and enriched with gripping adventures, you won't soon forget this saga.

The Cadet: Wild Blue U Foundation of Honor . By Col. J. Doug Beason, USAF (Ret), Life Member. ISBN 978-1614752899.

The Cadetinsider's

The novel unveils the arduous training of America's future leaders as they prepare to serve from the jungles of Vietnam to the deserts of the Middle East.  The Cadet is an accurate, historical account of the USAF Academy, based on factual events and populated with realistic, larger-than-life characters-set against a fascinating tapestry of history-changing events that affect the course of the nation.

The Cadet follows Rod Simone, a driven, headstrong cadet, in the Academy's first class as he establishes a culture of honor and tradition that will serve as a bedrock for serving the nation.  The forces that mold Rod's character will set a foundation for the 47,000 future graduates, training them to survive life-threatening situations that range from flying in combat and exploring space, to being prisoners of war.

Written by a USAF Academy graduate who has been intimately involved with the Academy for over 30 years, The Cadet reveals the background and mystique behind the nation's high-tech university for fighter pilots, astronauts, politicians, and world leaders.

Dark Webs of Secrecy . By Betty L. Alt and Sandra K. Wells, Ph.D. Dog Ear Publishing. ISBN 978-1-4575-3182-8.

Dark Webs of Secrecy is the tenth book coauthored by Betty Alt and Sandra Wells. Wells has a Ph.D. from Colorado State University in Fort Collins and retired as Chief Investigator from the Pueblo, Colorado, District Attorney's Offi ce. Betty Alt has an M.A. in history from Northeast Missouri State University. Currently, both authors are teaching classes at Colorado State University - Pueblo.

Wrath of the Dixie Mafia: A Mystery Novel of Johnny Morocco, Dixie Detective . By Lt. Col. James P. Sinor, USA (Ret). Ingalls Publishing Group. ISBN 978-1-932158700.


Lewisburg Remembered: My Brother and Me - A Story of Heartbreak. By Lt. Col. William R. Hudnall, USA (Ret), Life Member. Kelly's Creek Publishers. ISBN 978-0-9711129-2-6.

My Quest to Fly and the Planes I Came to Love. By Col. James E. Salminen, USAF (Ret), Life Member, Montgomery (Ala.) Area Chapter. Wells Printing. ISBN 978-0-692-37223-4.

The book captures the highlights of a 27 year Air Force career as a fighter and reconnaissance pilot, to include a 183 combat mission tour in Vietnam and experiences as a commander at the squadron, group, and wing level.