Member Books for April 2015


Against the Tide: Rickover’s Leadership Principles and the Rise of the Nuclear Navy. By Rear Adm. Dave Oliver, USN (Ret), Life Member. Naval Institute Press. ISBN 978-1-61251-797-1. $19.25.

Against the Tide is a leadership book that illustrates how Adm. Hyman Rickover made a unique impact on American and Navy culture. Dave Oliver is the first former nuclear submarine commander who sailed for the venerable admiral to write about Rickover's management techniques. Oliver draws upon a wealth of untold stories to show how one man changed American and Navy culture while altering the course of history.

 The driving force behind America's nuclear submarine navy, Rickover revolutionized naval warfare while concurrently proving to be a wellspring of innovation that drove American technology in the latter half of the twentieth-century. As a testament to his success, Rickover's single-minded focus on safety protected both American citizens and sailors from nuclear contamination, a record that is in stark contrast to the dozens of nuclear reactor accidents suffered by the Russians.

While Rickover has been the subject of a number of biographies, little has been written about his unique management practices that changed the culture of a two-hundred-year-old institution and affected the outcome of the Cold War. Rickover's achievements have been obscured because they were largely conducted in secret and because he possessed a demanding and abrasive personality that alienated many potential supporters. Nevertheless he was an extraordinary manager with significant lessons for all those in decision-making positions.

The author had the good fortune to know and to serve under Rickover during much of his thirty-year career in the Navy and is singularly qualified to demonstrate the management and leadership principles behind Rickover's success.

The Best Man I Can Be. By CW4 Leonard A. Dungey, USA (Ret). Dorrance Publishing Co. ISBN 978-1-4809-0914-4. 166 pp. $19.95. Mail check or money order to author: 103 Hillcrest Drive, Albion, IL 62806.

A black chief warrant officer, on the ground during World War II and the Korean Conflict, recounts informative and interesting events that shaped his life from a teenager to a CW4 warrant officer in the Army and beyond. His detailed stories are vivid testimony to the discrimination and racism existing in the military and civilian life during that period of American history.

Beyond O’Dark 30. By Capt. Edward M. Brittingham, USN (Ret), Richmond (Va.) Area Chapter. Rosedog Books. ISBN 978-1480961920. $16.95.

Beyond O' Dark 30 is the author's take on what is happening to this country. This promised land has fallen apart due to our loss of foreign policy and the degrading of our military. Our allies are laughing as our leader is both weak and a failure. Our national debt has increased more than ever and for what? Polls now show that a majority of people think Romney would have made the better president. We are vulnerable to another terrorist attack, Syria has already launched chemical weapons, and no one understands Obamacare. Why does Benghazi go unnoticed in the White House? The many scandals of the IRS and the National Security Agency affect every American. Do you believe the President was really born in America? Edward M. Brittingham Captain, U.S. Navy (RET.) addresses all of these issues in his latest book. This is a must read. About the Author Edward M. Brittingham Captain, U.S. Navy (RET.) served in the Navy as a Naval Flight Officer, a Tactical Coordinator who detected Soviet subs during the Cold War, and advanced to Commanding Officer of VP-11. Upon orders to the Pentagon, he excelled in promoting Surveillance Towed Array Sensor (SURTASS) and briefed 32 Admirals on ASW techniques. In 1985 he suffered a stroke which ended his career. In 1995 Brittingham wrote his first book. Since then he has written five books with a thrill-a-minute mix of submarine warfare, imminent danger, terrorism, bravery, technological wonder, and an intriguing bit of fiction. Brittingham is a member of ROMEO retired men, Military Officer of America, and Commander Roanoke Valley Chapter 15 in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina. He is a dedicated member of First Baptist Church.

The Effects-Based Board: An Effects-Based Approach to the Joint Operations Planning Process. By Capt. Colin B. Marcum, USA. ISBN 978-1499739473. $5. Kindle: $0.99.

The inherent difficulty in developing and executing military courses of action to achieve the desired end-state comes from the complexities of the operational environment. Each environment contains within it different initial conditions that affect the nature of military operations with relationships that are as complex as they are numerous. This means that a similar course of action executed in a similar manner in one environment may not produce similar effects in another. This occurs due to the nature of those initial conditions, and how they alter the effects produced within that operational environment.

The Effects-Based Board (EBB) seeks to provide clarity to an otherwise convoluted system of relationships by supporting the Combatant Command, and their joint staff, with a board of professional military and civilian personnel whose collective knowledge can help shape course of action development. Subject matter experts and liaisons from the Department of Defense, Department of State, national intelligence agencies, intergovernmental/non-governmental organizations, and foreign nations make up the membership of the board, and through their guidance can shape the development and execution of deliberate and crisis action plans. Identifying the initial conditions, determining the effects of their linkages, and creating courses of action that target those links in order to shape them can, in due course, shape the operational environment towards the desired end-state.

Leveraging Your LinkedIn Profile for Success: Maximizing Your Exposure and Achieving Verified Results. By former Air Force Col. Matthew T. Fritz. Advanced Vectors. ISBN 978-1500818104. $7.77. E-book: $2.99.

LinkedIn has awesome capabilities to bring diverse individuals together around common ideas and platforms. If you aren't taking full advantage of LinkedIn, you're missing out. "Leveraging Your LinkedIn Profile For Success" was written with the goal of helping you to maximize your profile, gain your full potential of exposure, and achieve verified results. My 10+ years working with this platform to gain insights, knowledge and experience are now yours to leverage for your own benefit. I will show you my tips, secrets, insights and techniques to understand the LinkedIn platform and put your best social-foot forward.

Steely Eyed Killers of the Deep: A Collection of Sea Stories, Memories, Musings, and More. By CW4 Tommy Robinson, USN (Ret), Life Member. Friesen Press. ISBN 978-1460233252. $21.99. E-book: $2.99.

Steely Eyed Killers of the Deep is a joint effort between the author and many of his Nautilus shipmates. It is written by submariners for submariners, and anyone interested in submarines and the sailors who live beneath the sea. Any submariner will relate to the stories and may even recognize a shipmate or two by name.

All proceeds from the sale of this book are donated to the Dolphin Scholarship Foundation.


Back from 44 — The Sacrifice and Courage of a Few: A Story of Heroism in the Skies Over Western Europe. By Col. Nick Cressy, USA (Ret). Xlibris. ISBN 978-1503514225.

Back from 44 - The Sacrifice and Courage of a Few. A B-26 crew struggle to return back to base in a severely crippled plane. The story is fiction based on a real person and events. The main character's 44th mission is described with flashbacks to his enlistment in the U.S. Army Air Force to joining the 320th Bomb Group at their Sardinia, Italy air base. He recalls the memories of basic training, advanced flight engineer training, gunnery school, saying goodbye to a new wife, and travel across the Atlantic to Sardinia. Mission experiences are highlighted in the Mediterranean and European Theaters of Operations. Missions were not always "Milk Runs"; they included enemy flak, German fighter attacks and the emotional impact of losing close friends.

The Third Watch. By Col. Roger H. Damon Jr., AUS (Ret). Railroad Street Press. ISBN 978-1-936711-38-3. 304 pp. $17.

What becomes of ordinary people who, due to their own actions — or even inadvertently — learn of the existence of objects of incredible value — objects whose history is considered to be abhorrent? Will that ordinary person become driven by greed to possess it, or equally driven to right the horrendous wrongs that were involved in its creation? And, in either case, how does it affect other people with whom he shares the knowledge? These “what if” questions have remained in the author’s mind ever since the early 1950s when, while serving in the US Army in Austria, he first heard the stories of Nazi gold — “my grandmother watched them put something in the lake one night in April 1945. Many heavy pieces. They used crowbars to move rocks aside, I think making a cavity. Then while one man stood in the water up to his shoulders, he held the end of the tape while the others measured the distances to the corner of the dock and to the top of the big rock that stuck out of the water to the West. After my son came home, the old dock was gone and the big rock was blasted to make way for the new dock. My son couldn’t see if the lake bottom had ever been bothered.” Not just another story of the “Nazi gold” — rather, we wondered how its form was changed from its original bits and pieces … and how it could have hidden and what happened to the people involved if it was eventually recovered. What could have been if its effect on the lives of a succeeding generation — people of action and principles — totally unaware of its existence? The answers will capture the reader’s attention.


Korea: A Short Time in a Small War. By Maj. Charles W. Hinton, USAF (Ret). CreateSpace. ISBN 978-1-4953-3342-2. $22.49. Kindle: $5.49.

It’s winter above North Korea. Your airplane has been hit, and the pilot is unable to feather the prop. You are going down. The other three crewmen are discussing when to jump. The new untrained 2nd lieutenant navigator in the right seat with a borrowed and ill-fitting parachute knows he will likely fall out of the chute when it opens.

This isn’t an action movie. It’s what real people experienced as aviators during the Korean War, spending countless missions flying through the dark, risking life and limb to navigate the mountains and valleys of enemy terrain.

For veteran navigator Charles W. Hinton, his time in the war was short, but the memories of what he and his squadron accomplished will last a lifetime. Pulled from navigation school straight into a tour of duty, he had no previous training to speak of and learned to fly combat in a B-26 attack while literally in the line of fire.

Korea: A Short Time in a Small War is a firsthand account of Hinton’s six months of experience during this tumultuous period in history, along with the stories of a diverse collection of friends and foes he interacted with along the way.

Mustang Colonel’s Journey. By Col. David B. “Brad” Hallock, USAF (Ret). Outskirts Press. ISBN 978-1-4787-2703-3. $9.95.

Raised in Central Oregon, the author rose from humble “on his own” beginnings to higher education and a 31-year military career. He forfeited two 4-year scholarships to marry his high schools weetheart and enlisted in the Air Force. His lifetime lessons and “war stories” are summarized in this book. He retired as a colonel at age 50 and eventually returned to his hometown in Redmond, Oregon.

Out of Kalamazoo County. By Lt. Col. Richard F. Bishop, USAF (Ret). The Preservation Foundation. ISBN 978-1503031487. 126 pp. $9.

Personal memories of a boyhood on a farm in southern Michigan and later of his 25 years in the U.S. Air Force as a Non-combatant (without deadly force). From playing the strange game of Soccer at a one-room schoolhouse beginning at the tender age of four to his graduation from High School and entrance into College at the age of 16, there is never a dull moment in his rural life on this farm. It covers work on the farm, part-time employment at a Fishing Tackle plant while “working his way through College” and all the mistakes in between; i.e., setting a run-away grass fire, shooting a hole in a brand-spanking new trailer-home, and bouncing an arrow off his sister. It was no different in the Military. Paydays and unusual additional duties occupied his life. Totin’ a .38 Special while classified as a Non-combatant just muddied up the water as to what kind of a “Troop” he was supposed to be. Within this book, there is an unabashed Homage to the unsung “Support Personnel” of all kinds: “In all our Wars, when the perimeter defendants at outposts faced the prospect of being overrun and reached for a weapon to defend themselves, it made no difference if the words ‘Farrier’, ‘Quartermaster’, ‘Cook’, or ‘Disaster Control’ were tattooed on their forehead, the shots ‘fired-in-anger’ at them were just as devastating as if they were real Combat Troops. They were all ‘at risk.’ . . . . They were there and had been ready.” Finally, he muses over hero worship at a young age and in memoriam of the Centennial of WW I , describes his Father’s service “over there” as an Automatic Rifleman while a Doughboy in the U.S. Expeditionary Corps where he was gassed and earned the Purple Heart medal.

The Prodigal Pilot: The End of the Hughes Empire. By Lt. Col. Robert F. Wearley, USAF (Ret), Life Member. FastPencil. ISBN 978-1-60-746186-9. $17.27.

Robert F. (Bob) Wearley served as Chief Pilot of Howard Hughes' personal fleet of aircraft, in addition to his long and distinguished flying career in military, corporate, and commercial aviation. In his book he gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at the often strange, always eccentric inner workings of the Hughes Empire. Bob also details the connection between the Hughes organization and the Nixon White House and reveals the real reason why Nixon ordered the Watergate break-in that ultimately forced his resignation. Along the way, he was exposed to challenges that compromised his integrity, resulting in the title of Prodigal Pilot he chose for the book.