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Air Force Officer’s Guide. By Col. Stephen E. Wright, USAF (Ret), Life Member. Stackpole Books. ISBN 978-0-8117-1377-1. 432 pp. $17.75.

Air Force officers of all ranks, from cadets to generals, both active duty and reserves, will find this revised edition essential reading for a successful career. Fully updated with the latest changes to Air Force policy and procedure, this military reference guide includes...

  • Current guidelines for training, conduct, pay and benefits, decorations and awards, and more
  • Extensive updates to uniforms and insignia
  • Information on family services and benefits
  • Revised charts, illustrations, and sample forms

Civil War General and Indian Fighter James M. Williams: Leader of the 1st Kansas Colored Volunteer Infantry and the 8th U.S. Cavalry. By Lt. Col. Robert W. Lull, USA (Ret), Life Member, Heart of Texas Chapter. University of North Texas Press. ISBN 978-1-57441-502-5. 289 pp. $24.95. Recipient of the 2014 William Henry Seward Award for excellence in Civil War biography.

The military career of General James Monroe Williams spanned both the Civil War and the Indian Wars in the West, yet no biography has been published to date on his important accomplishments, until now. From his birth on the northern frontier, westward movement in the Great Migration, rush into the violence of antebellum Kansas Territory, Civil War commands in the Trans-Mississippi, and as a cavalry officer in the Indian Wars, Williams was involved in key moments of American history. Like many who make a difference, Williams was a leader of strong convictions, sometimes impatient with heavy-handed and sluggish authority.

Building upon his political opinions and experience as a Jayhawker, Williams raised and commanded the ground-breaking 1st Kansas Colored Volunteer Infantry Regiment in 1862. His new regiment of black soldiers was the first such organization to engage Confederate troops, and the first to win. He enjoyed victories in Missouri, Indian Territory (Oklahoma), and Arkansas, but also fought in the abortive Red River Campaign and endured defeat and the massacre of his captured black troops at Poison Spring. In 1865, as a brigadier general, Williams led his troops in consolidating control of northern Arkansas. Williams played a key role in taking Indian Territory from Confederate forces, which denied routes of advance into Kansas and east into Arkansas. His 1st Kansas Colored Volunteer Infantry Regiment helped turn the tide of Southern successes in the Trans-Mississippi, establishing credibility of black soldiers in the heat of battle.

Following the Civil War, Williams secured a commission in the Regular Army’s 8th Cavalry Regiment, serving in Arizona and New Mexico. His victories over Indians in Arizona won accolades for having “settled the Indian question in that part of Arizona.” He finally left the military in 1873, debilitated from five wounds received at the hands of Confederates and hostile Indians.

The Galactagogue Recipe Book. By Capt. Frank J. Nice, USPHS (Ret), R.Ph., Life Member, and Myung H. Nice. Hale Publishing, 1825 East Plano Parkway, Suite 280, Plano, TX 75074, (972) 578-0400, (800) 378-1317, ISBN 978-1-9398473-9-3. 260 pp. $24.95.

The hot topic these days is foods that do more than just nourish your body. Antioxidants, prebiotics, probiotics- all are in the news. Through the ages, certain foods and herbs have been promoted to new mothers to increase their milk supplies. These foods and herbs, called galactogogues, likely increase milk production by increasing prolactin or oxytocin to initiate the breastmilk letdown reflex and aid in breastmilk ejection. Pharmacist Frank Nice and his wife, Myung Hee, have pulled together over 200 recipes featuring major and minor galactogogues in this cookbook. Dr. Nice includes dosage, uses, and cautions about each of the galactogogues. They have included many old family favorites passed down from their Polish and Korean ancestors. Some recipes include unusual ingredients - Stinging Nettle Pesto with Ravioli, Corn Bread with Red Clover Blossoms, Hot Chocolate Mousse with Marshmallow Root Fluff. Others have ingredients that are quite common - Pineapple Raisin Oat Bran Muffin, Sauteed Brussels Sprouts with Garlic and Olive Oil, Avocado Shrimp Salad, Chicken Tacos. All have been taste-tested and confirmed to be delicious! If you are a new mom struggling with milk supply or if you just want to insure that your milk supply stays strong, try some of these recipes. Even if you aren't breastfeeding, the recipes in this cookbook are worth trying!

God in a Box: Thoughts From a Recovering Fundamentalist. By Col. Marion Pember, USA (Ret), Life Member. Outskirts Press, ISBN 978-1-4787-0204-7. 190 pp. $10.95. Available as an e-book and at

God in a Box takes a look at Christianity from the perspective of one who believes that religious fundamentalism is oppressive and controlling, with fear and guilt as the natural consequences. Author Marion Pember describes his journey from being a fundamentalist Christian to becoming a Christian agnostic-or a "recovering fundamentalist." His book eloquently explores what it means to believe in God, and introduces the concept of the "God box"-the metaphorical box that holds your personal beliefs about God, regardless of your religious background. The book also sheds light on the truth of the Bible hidden within the myth and metaphor found in the pages of scripture. Whether you're struggling with questions about fundamentalist beliefs or simply need to evaluate your own belief system, God in a Box offers clear, insightful logic. It's a thought-provoking study of what it means to be a Christian, offered in a way that everyone can understand-and enjoy.

Guerrilla One. By Col. Luther C. Kissick Jr., USAF (Ret), Life Member. Tate Publishing. ISBN 978-1-62854-973-7. 118 pp. $19.31.

A U.S. military crusade in China was led by Guerrilla One, a most celebrated pilot of World War II. His qualities of leadership were reinforced by what he believed the world should aspire to and achieve. He foresaw the degrading of U.S. morals and world statues, which he deployed. Guerrilla One was an inspiration, all his own, and Chinese guerrilla in peace and war. A natural leader, Guerrilla One, tells you why and what you can do, utilizing accurate intelligence. Old serial guerrillas aided China in bringing freedom independence and growth to the forefront by employing positive intelligence with effective tactics in every battle. Will U.S. be a victim of Guerrilla One’s vision of the future, or maintain its historical standards?

In Service to Their Country: Christchurch School and the American Uniformed Services. By Capt. Alexander G. “Sandy” Monroe, USN (Ret). Pleasant Living Books, ISBN 978-0-615-914299. 202 pp. $13.19.

On a Virginia hillside overlooking the Rappahannock River, at Christchurch School, sits a simple granite monument. It was placed there to honor the school's faculty, staff, and alumni who have served in the American uniformed services. From its early years, and continuing still today, Christchurch has been home to men and women of diligence, accountability, and humble valor, often taking in struggling youths and cultivating in them the virtues and life skills they'll need to make their way in the world. The path many graduates have chosen is one of service to country. Wherein lies the ineffable link between Christchurch School and the American uniformed services? What are the values and philosophies that the men and women of these institutions hold dear? And what common vision guides the footfall of those who walk the halls of the school, and those who find their callings on U.S. ships, planes, coastlines, and on distant bases and battlefields? These are the questions that Captain Alexander "Sandy" G. Monroe '60, USN, seeks to answer through the histories and personal interviews compiled in In Service to Their Country. Together with the hillside monument, this book exists in tribute to those members of the Christchurch family who have dedicated years of their lives-often their best years, and sometimes their last-to the protection of the United States of America.

Jerome. By CW3 Les Gates, USA (Ret), Life Member, MOAA Central Ohio Chapter. CreateSpace. ISBN 9781500321314. 84 pp. $12.95. Available on

In 1939 in the heart of the depression a man with a dream and a young family, buys a farm in Jerome Ohio. His son Les tells his story of what it was like to grow up in the 1940's and 50's in the small town, surrounded by a close-knit farming community where the heart of the social life was the grade school and the church. Jerome is a pleasant read both for adults and children and will elicit a chuckle as you are transported back to a time when people were "all for one and one for all". It is exciting to know that young people will be able to read the book in Dublin Ohio High school and Middle schools libraries. It is so important for them to connect with local history and to know those who came before them. For some they live on the land that is talked about in the book. In September 2014 the Dublin Ohio school system was rated number five in the United States for a quality education. It is a book you will want to read more than once!

Plan to Party: How You Can Prevent DUIs. By Col. Ray E. Holmes, USA (Ret). Mascot Books, ISBN 978-1-62086-254-4. 224 pp. $14.95. Available for electronic reading devices, apps, and Nook for $6.99. For signed copies, contact the author: 440 Sierra Vista Ct., Saint Johns, FL 32259.

DUI convictions bring with them extreme costs and seemingly unending consequences. However, you can be proactive by planning in advance before you drink. Then you can enjoy yourself rather than experiencing time in jail or even worse.

This book is designed to increase the reader’s knowledge and understanding about the crime of DUI while helping to avoid the anguish of the DUI experience and its many dire consequences.

This is a must read for anyone who occasionally uses alcohol or any other substance that may cause impairment. It outlines a proactive approach with emphasis on prevention and sound decision-making in order to avoid the ongoing and sever consequences that are associated with DUI conviction.

The comprehensive nature of the book captures the attention of readers by presenting a broad variety of topics about DUI and impairing substances that can lead to a horrific experience. Although alcohol is the primary topic discussed, there are sections that address other impairing substances such as prescription medicines, over-the-counter medicines and other legal and illegal drugs.

There are sections devoted to the history of alcohol, types of drinkers, the effects of alcohol, the complicated dual systems of a DUI conviction, criminal and administrative suspension laws that are involved in a DUI conviction, ignition interlock devices, senior driving, medical and health issues, texting while driving and other social problems as well. The last section of the book is a list of frequently asked questions and answers (FAQs) to further assist the readers.

Seven Days in July: A Historic Account of the Battle of Atlanta. By Col. Kenneth A. Griffiths, USA (Ret), Life Member. Indigo River Publishing, ISBN 978-0-9904857-0-4. 560 pp. $18.95. Available at

The history is good, but the story is better. Seven Days in July immerses the reader in the personalities and decisions of the men in blue and gray in 1864 as a hardened Southern army continues to retreat to save Atlanta from the Union army's brutal, relentless advance. Command changes, personality clashes, low morale, and the constant presence of death and blood explode into a fight for Atlanta--a city Lincoln knew must fall to help the Union win the Civil War. As each maneuver, each thrust of attack, and the war is shown through the eyes of warriors on both sides, this book exposes the human perspective of the combat at Peachtree Creek and the Battle of Atlanta, bringing the facts of history to life. Although the physical landmarks are now fading and softening with age, this story brings into sharp focus the seven days in July that mark the turning point in the Western Theater of America's defining war.

Strategic Rifleman: Key to More Moral Warfare. By Lt. Col. H. John Poole, USMC (Ret). Posterity Press. ISBN 978-0-9818659-5-9. 320 pp. $13.95. Purchase by check or credit card: Posterity Press, (800) 505-4334PO Box 5360, Emerald Isle, NC 28594.

America's military power has been largely one dimensional in an increasingly multi-dimensional arena. Standoff bombardment has little effect on a loosely controlled foe. That takes tiny ground elements skilled enough to operate beyond any firepower umbrella. No more than 14 people can totally surprise an enemy unit. That's why other nations use squads as the spearpoints for every attack and strongpoints of every defense. Through an over-emphasis on firepower, U.S. forces have never developed this capability. Better squads require more skilled members. Such members can often make a strategic difference on their own and require less force after surprising defenders. This book uses 173 illustrations to show how to become/produce a “strategic” rifleman. It's for survival-oriented recruits and anyone wanting to know how the Pentagon could project more overseas power with less funding.


Ninety Days. By Capt. Sonny Gratzer, USA (Ret), Life Member. iUniverse. ISBN 978-1-4759-8617-4. 226 pp. $15.99 hard cover; $25.95 hard cover. Available for Kindle and through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iUniverse.

Deep within a Vietnamese jungle, an inexperienced American unit has just been ambushed. As their infantry battalion commander is led through the darkness by a rope tied around his neck, branches tear at his body as he stumbles with exhaustion. Lieutenant Colonel Steven Marion is a great prize for the North Vietnamese, and now he is officially a prisoner of war. As the American military attempts to determine whether he is alive or dead, Marion is marched off to a prison camp in Cambodia where he is hypnotized by the enemy, who hope to return him back to the United States to spout anti-American propaganda. But little do they know that the man who guards Marion is carefully developing a plan to defect to South Vietnam-with the help of his American prisoner. Meanwhile back home in America, Marion's wife, Elaine, is notified that her husband is dead. As she quietly moves on with her life and marries again, Elaine has no idea that Marion is still alive. Ninety Days is the compelling story of an American battalion commander who must battle to survive in war-torn Vietnam as the life he knew back home slowly crumbles.


The Pinnacle: A Memoir. By Lt. Col. H.W. Bingaman, USAF (Ret), Life Member, Southern Oregon Chapter. ISBN 978-1-4834-0111-9. 268 pp. $16.19 soft cover; $7.19 Kindle; $33.14 hard cover. Available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the Kirkus Review.

Hal Bingaman, a boy from Iowa, went to the sound of airplanes. In 1947, age 17, he flew a small fabric plane for the first time. Five years later he climbed into a fighter as a pilot in the Us Air Force. Bingaman begins with a foreign assignment flying in an American Nato squadron. It was the "furious fifties" of The Cold War, and he reflects on fascinating moments as a pilot, sustained by a devoted family and committed by oath to defend free world values. In due course he and his fighter clan penetrated North Vietnam's massive arsenal from the Ussr and Red China. The Pinnacle is a touching recall of actions and lethal names: Yen Bai, Viet Tri, Thud Ridge, Red River and Hanoi. Hal returns to personalities and perilous missions--one of them life changing. In this half-century recalled, preeminent is a family shaped by dynamic life.