Member Books for October 2016


Rock-Solid Living In A Quicksand World: Stepping Stones For Christ-Centered Living. By Lt. Col. Alfred McGowen, USAFR (Ret). CreateSpace. ISBN 978-1-5146-7714-8.  

Rock-Solid Living in A Quicksand World is a critical 21st century Jesus conversation asking you to look back so you may have a future. Consider Jesus coaching our culture as he tutors us on how Western civilization can benefit from following through, as we learn from his ancient historical gaze. Today, acquire Jesus' time-tested wisdom regarding how to blossom, bloom, produce, grow, and experience authentic, abundant life. Allow Jesus to help you discover how to become Jesus' very own transformed apprentice: learn how to be a God-transformed Christ follower. Follow his lead as he shows you door number one and door number two.   

Learn what is behind each door and then make your choice. One leads to authentic living; the other leads to collapse and destruction. I hope you choose life. Be on guard for the "ultimate terrorist." Discover how to win the spiritual war on terror. Discover Jesus laying the groundwork for you personally on how to make dangerous stumbling blocks into stepping stones that lead to a happy life. When the lightning flashes, the thunder crashes, and the floods of life come, learn from the Master himself how to prevent the foundations of your life from becoming like quicksand. Follow Jesus backward to an eternal future. Listen as he speaks and educates you, like no other human, with God's own authority. Hear him as he enlightens you how to choose the best leaders and how to avoid the worst. Grow in God's powerful grace by discovering the eternal Rabbi's four ways of hearing. Heal your broken spiritual eyes. Or at least let Jesus show you how to refocus them. Receive his words cautioning you to watch out for our modern day false prophets. Discover who they are and avoid them. Join him as he describes his "secret service" and how you can actually be an agent of his secret service. Learn about the earthly and heavenly dividends you will receive from having served in this capacity. Click on his plan for avoiding pseudo-spiritual leaders. Give him face time: have ears to hear him as he warns about regressive so called progressive teachings that are making quicksand of our culture's foundations and wreaking havoc on our families. Learn from Jesus how to turn the five stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Enjoy the power of "the Golden Rule" he teaches juxtaposed to the divisive political correctness of our day that is governed by big brother elitists and opposed to our Creator. Have ears to hear Jesus pleading with you to embrace his teachings. Why? Because, when the howling Category 5 hurricanes of life buffet you, your life's foundation can be made like granite by what you learn from him. And if you listen, learn, and practice them, they will help protect your family and help keep you safe from the raging winds and destructive forces of life. Walk humbly with Jesus through this backward journey through the Bible and discover Rock-Solid Living in a Quicksand World!  


The Mystery History Series. By Sonny Barber, Life Member. CreateSpace Publishing.   

Kay Telfair is a normal young teen — normal if that means being unusually curious and having an uncanny knack for putting herself in dangerous situations, which stress her parents and often test her relationship with her best friend Anna. The clean reading series follows Kay across two intrigue-filled summers on modern-day adventures involving events in U.S. history.  

Book One: Crossed and Found Thirteen-year-old Kay Telfair believes her life is over when she moves with her family a thousand miles to their new home near the Delaware River in New Jersey. But her life takes an unexpected turn when Kay meets Anna and discovers a Revolutionary War letter, a letter that could change American history. Before she unravels the letter’s mystery, Kay stumbles headlong into an adventure — confronting fears she’d never experienced, stretching the limits of her friendship with Anna, and forcing a test of Kay’s physical strength that could save her own life. ISBN 978-1-49530-405-7.  

Book Two: Gold Hush After an adventure-filled June, all Kay Telfair wants is a quiet vacation in Maine with her family and best friend Anna — no drama, no stress. But the 13-year-old’s hopes for a tranquil August stay in the village of Prospect Harbor soon fade when the girls compete for the attention of a young boy, and Kay makes a startling discovery, a discovery that sends the three teens on a dangerous quest. Ignoring advice and menacing threats from others, they continue their pursuit, drawing them deeper into a perilous mystery — deeper than Kay ever could have imagined. ISBN 978-1-49962-383-3.  

Book Three: Stonewalled A mystery that threatens the relationship with best friend Anna, a battle with Mother Nature at her worst, and the discovery of a tragic secret — not exactly what 14-year-old Kay Telfair was looking for in a summer getaway. But that’s what confronts the young teen while helping the owners of Windcrest Farm find a way to stop destruction of nearby farmland and its 300-year-old stone walls. Vacationing with her family and Anna at Windcrest in the quiet, coastal village of Little Compton, R.I., the young teen soon discovers her goal will not be easy. Kay’s prospects for helping preserve the valuable land and stone walls look much better, however, after a surprise visit by a boy from her past. With his help, she pours all her energy and passion into the quest, searching for answers in New England’s Native American and colonial history and learning some important lessons about perseverance and friendship. ISBN 978-1-51935-129-6.   

The Revenge of the Banker’s Daughter. By Lt. Cmdr. T. Matt Ryan, USN (Ret), Life member. Kitsap Publishing. ISBN 978-1-94266-128-3.  

This engaging fictional thriller is set in rural western Colorado shortly after World War II. T. Matt Ryan, inspired by his observations and political experiences, has created a novel about corruption, betrayal, bigotry, and revenge flavored with justice and redemption.  

In one evening, 17-year-old Gloria Knight’s life is turned upside down with the arrest of her 18-year-old fiancé followed by her rape by the senior deputy sheriff. An outraged Gloria sets in motion a chain of events that could reshape lives and determine who rules the county. Recent World War II veterans standing for county offices play key roles in Gloria’s quest for justice.