Member Books for November 2016


USAF Air Commando Secret Wars from Laos to Latin America. By Lt. Col. Eugene D. Rossel, USAF (Ret). Xlibris. ISBN 978-1-51448-004-5.  
The Air Commando secret wars mostly happened during the Vietnam War time frame and were a global effort involving Air Force volunteer personnel who were given official military orders that did not necessarily specify the country they served in, and civilian clothes were many times authorized. Later, these volunteers had great difficulty proving they served in many of these countries, which affected their future VA care. 

These operations normally were used to strengthen a poor country with few military resources and training, with secret warriors frequently being there doing some of their legwork behind the scenes. All operations were tight-lipped, and operators frequently were forbidden to tell families where they were and what they were doing.

Secret wars have a long history, and they will continue because of the interest of powerful nations with their less-fortunate brethren.


Conversations With My Muse: A Book of Selected Poetry. By Maj. Gary Bateman, USA (Ret), Life Member. AuthorHouse UK. ISBN 978-1-50493-881-5.
This is a book of selected poetry on various multithematic topics that are essentially of a timeless nature. The poetry, as presented in this selection, represents a broad mosaic of issues, themes, problems, fantasy, and life experiences as part of the greater human endeavor.


Vietnam Doc: An American Physician's Memoir. By Capt. William C. Petty, USN (Ret), M.D., Life Member. LifeRich Publishing. ISBN 978-1-48970-856-4.
William Clayton Petty served as chief of anesthesia at the 24th Evacuation Hospital in Vietnam. In Vietnam Doc, he shares his experiences in taking care of wounded soldiers and the effect of war on his life after the war. Petty attempts to portray the horrors of war from the perspective of one who experienced the carnage on a daily basis. The book is a vivid insight into the lives of those who render care to wounded soldiers. The narrative is poignant, reflective, and often gut-wrenching. Readers will see inside a war zone hospital as they have never seen before.

Parallel Lives. By Rita Berman. Righter Publishing Co. Inc. ISBN 978-1-53550-523-9.
Parallel Lives is a collection of memoirs by Rita Berman and her cousins recalling their childhood in the East End of London during the Blitz of the second World War.