Member Books for July 2016


Betrayal at Bahia de los Cochinos. By Lt. Col. William E. Dempsey, USAF (Ret). CreateSpace. ISBN 978-1-51870-771-1.  

This is the first book of a historical fiction series featuring Chief Gunner’s Mate Mike Stafford. He teams up with Cmdr. Fred Schmidt as a CIA organized brigade of exiles invades Cuba at the Bay of Pigs, intending to depose Fidel Castro’s communist government and regain their homeland.   

A last-minute decision places their ship, the destroyer Jaffey, in the middle of the action. Schmidt sends a team, led by Stafford, ashore to direct naval gunfire. A few hours into the landing, President John F. Kennedy cancels all U.S. military involvement (based on true events), abandoning Stafford’s team and the entire exile force ashore, where they are vastly outnumbered by the Cuban army.   

A Soviet submarine pursues Jaffey while Stafford and his team fend for themselves. Castro’s forces overpower the invaders and close in for the kill. The exiles are defeated and Jaffey damaged. Schmidt faces a Board of Inquiry while Stafford attempts to escape the battlefield with two others. Their only hope is to cross the island to the safety of the U.S. base at Guantanamo Bay. The betrayal has ensured mission failure and placed Schmidt, Stafford, and the entire 1,200-man invasion force in mortal danger. Who will survive?    

Realm of the Golden Dragon. By CW2 Charles D. Williams, USCG (Ret), Life Member. Pocol Press. ISBN: 978-1-929763-67-2.  

Realm of the Golden Dragon is a sea story. On Aug. 17, 1967, after many years of being home ported in Hawaii, the 180-foot Coast Guard cutter Basswood set sail for her new home port on Guam in the Mariana Islands.   

During her travels, she would unleash 60 fun-loving, frolicking, fornicating, fighting, young Coasties on 47 Pacific islands and five Asian nations. This epic voyage explores infested bays and rivers of Vietnam and the vaunted Namenoue Red Light District in Naha, Okinawa. The group would look in wonder at the temples of Bangkok and explore the back streets of Keelung Harbor in Taiwan. Then they would sail to islands in the Pacific so remote that they have been virtually untouched by modern civilization. Travel along with these young Coast Guard sailors as they experience the rigors of going to sea on a small ship and as they enjoy the pleasure of Pacific island girls and Asian beauties. And when they lose one of their own, discover the fortunes of war.