Member Books for February 2017


Heart of Gray: Lt. Raymond “Iggy” Enners, Courage and Sacrifice of a West Point Graduate in Vietnam. By former Army Capt. Richard W. Enners. Acclaim Press. ISBN 978-1-94261-337-4.

Leading in combat is a delicate balance between accomplishing the mission and, in its context, protecting the soldiers in your command. Enners’ instincts were to do both just as he was taught.

Enners chose the harder right instead of the easier wrong Sept. 18 1968, during a brutal firefight southwest of Hà Thanh,Vietnam, Enners rescued a wounded squad leader 10 meters from the People’s Army of Vietnam position and then led his men into the tree line, giving his life in the process.

Heart of Gray is a gripping narrative of a leader-warrior who, through his grueling education and military training, chose to serve the nation in the most unpopular war in modern history and protect the freedoms that some Americans take for granted. It’s a pulse-pounding combat story of events that took place in Quảng Ngãi province, Vietnam, as seen through the lens of Enners’ letters and the soldiers he served with and commanded.

More so, it is a story of leadership and the roles character, courage, and selflessness played in influencing others. Fueled by his intense desire to lead, schooling, and training, he demonstrated these characteristics both on and off the battlefield.


Paine – Time of Anarchy, Book One in the Paine Series. By Lt. Col. J.B. Durbin, USA (Ret). CreateSpace. ISBN 978-1-48480-817-7.

A CIA-manufactured plague is bioengineered to attack cocoa plants in an effort to eliminate cocaine production. The plague mutates and destroys food plants worldwide, governments collapse and billions die. Follow Michael Paine Martin, the son of a mercenary leader, as he tries to protect himself and his family from the ravages of anarchy.

UN Real Paine, Book Two in the Paine Series. By Lt. Col. J.B. Durbin, USA (Ret). CreateSpace. ISBN 978-1-49538-436-3.

The plague that destroyed billions of people is over but a more insidious plot is hatched, one that threatens the privacy of everyone on the planet. Unaware of the new threat, Michael Paine Martin joins the U.N. Military Force and is sent on a mission to stop a potential war between Serbian guerrillas and the rest of Europe. Then things begin to go wrong. Steven Corvis, founder and CEO of the Corvis Foundation, attempts to set up control over the world. He enlists the aid of sinister and vengeful Gen. Josh Martin, Paine's father. Martin works with Corvis to discredit the U.N. and destroy the recently established government of New York. Personal and political intrigue abounds in this fight between two conflicting ideas of the future of Earth — and who ultimately will rule.

Legacy of Paine, Book Three in the Paine Series. By Lt. Col. J.B. Durbin, USA (Ret). CreateSpace. ISBN 978-1-50867-360-6.

Sovereign United New York is safe — for now. But Josh Martin still is on the loose and the Corvis Foundation has the power to reach out and hurt anyone they think of as a threat. Ashley Miller is intent upon rebuilding the U.N. building in a way the members could never imagine. Elle is continuing her mission of revenge, and old hatreds begin to resurface as the world repeats the sins of the past. Paine must take the battle outside of New York to keep his country free. The Earth is not a safe place as the saga continues.

Threshold of Paine, Book Four in the Paine Series. By Lt. Col. J.B. Durbin, USA (Ret). CreateSpace. ISBN 978-1-53903-454-4.

Josh Martin is dead, and the Corvis Foundation is no more. Technology on Earth has been disabled — or has it? The space colonies still are functioning. The SUNY émigré’s are adjusting as they travel to a new world light-years away. Unseen forces try to prevent them from crossing the Threshold and leaving the solar system. Meanwhile, humankind continues to engage in a battle for power and control in a dystopian world.


Many Come, Few Are Chosen. By Lt. Col. Robert G. Harris, USMC (Ret), Life Member. Instantpublisher. ISBN 978-1-60458-679-4.

A narrative history of the life of a Marine Corps officer from the days of World War III to retirement and beyond.

The story includes the unique experience of pioneering the Marine Corps' first Ground Directed Bombing System during the Korean conflict.