Member Books for December 2016


Government Contracting: Promises and Perils, Second Edition. By Capt. William Sims Curry, USAF (Ret), Life Member. Routledge. ISBN 978-1-49873-807-1.

This is the second edition of Government Contracting: Promises and Perils. The first edition was used as a textbook in master’s in public administration (MPA) programs and in government procurement graduate certificate programs. It also was used by states, cities, and other local government agencies to upgrade their contracting practices and policies. Examples of actual procurement fraud are discussed as well as recommendations for making government agencies less susceptible to fraud. There are tips for government contractors who wish to convert their procurement systems and socioeconomic subcontracting processes from cost centers to profit centers. 

In preparation for writing this book, the author completed the study of federal source selection decisions that were protested by government contractors, and the protests were sustained by the Government Accountability Office (GAO). He also conducted a nationwide state and local government contracting best practices research project in 2015. The author presents case studies illustrating how public servants and government contractors alike have become ensnarled in contract fraud. The case studies relate to the various phases of the contracting cycle, beginning with procurement planning and progressing through the preparation of contractor proposals, contractor selection, and management of contracts that have been awarded to contractors. There also is coverage of contracting during emergencies and socioeconomic contracting. Book owners are provided online access to a sample request for proposals (RFP) and a sample contract, a process for evaluating proposals to identify the contractor offering the best value, a tool for managing contracts, and other useful contract management tools. 

During the research project, the author discovered that certain states and local government agencies were using anomalous mathematical formulas to weigh scores assigned to contractor proposals. During separate research, he discovered deficiencies in the manner that contractors are selected by DoD and other federal agencies. The author developed a variation of the state and local government contractor selection process, replacing the anomalous formulas with corrected formulas that resulted in a contractor selection process for selecting the best value contract proposal that is applicable to federal, state, and local government agencies. Book owners are provided access to online resources where corrected formulas are described for the readers as well as proof of the anomalies and proof for the accuracy of the corrected formulas. 

Military Life — Service or Career: A Soldier’s Perspective. By Lt. Col. John McClarren, USA (Ret). JMAC Publishing. ISBN 978-1-50071-465-9.

Military Life Service or Career: A Soldier’s Perspective is a book for young people who are interested in the military, seeking guidance in the decision-making process, or for those who have been there already and enjoy reminiscing or comparing stories between themselves and the author. 


Conclave. By Col. Tom Davis, USA (Ret), Life Member. CreateSpace. ISBN 978-1-53470-661-3.

As the Cold War looms over Europe in 1978, Pope John Paul I dies after a month in office.  Half a world away, Maj. Carter Caldwell, USMA ‘68, on loan from the sociology department to the National Security Council, views the coming papal election as a chance to diminish Moscow’s hold on Eastern Europe. Dispatched to Rome with a CIA analyst, Carter and Katherine become involved in a deadly struggle with KGB agents. Gunfights, chases, assassination attempts, and palace intrigue await them. 

History buffs and action enthusiasts will be caught in the growing suspense as the conclave reaches its exciting conclusion. 

Half Staff 2018: A Chilling Look Into the Future. By Capt. John Morse, USN (Ret). Idleknot Press. ISBN 978-0-99764-500-2.

After a series of deadly attacks in the U.S., carried out by unknown terrorist organizations, Dan Steele faces the most important mission of his life: to stop a major assault on the U.S. that threatens to lead to widespread domestic panic and worldwide calamity.  A tough-minded warrior cast into an unfamiliar role, Steele navigates through dangerous uncharted waters to fight a ruthless enemy that remains hidden in the shadows. Half Staff’s fast paced action will have you asking how real this future plot might prove to be. 


Taking Risks Defining Life: A Soldier’s Memoir. By Lt. Col. John McClarren, USA (Ret). JMAC Publishing. ISBN 978-1-51170-512-7.

Taking Risks Defining Life: A Soldier’s Memoir is a book focusing on what we all go through: the choices of when to take risks and when not to. The author always has been ready to take risks throughout his entire life, perhaps a few too many, but all having turned out for the best. Some should have killed him. Ahh, but they did not. 

Go West Young Woman!: From Military Wife to Country Life. By Nancy Quinn, spouse of Col. William Kohnke, USAF (Ret), Life Member. Hellgate Press. ISBN 978-1-55571-829-9.

Have you ever found a cougar on your swingset or a moose in your driveway? Go West, Young Woman! is the true story of one family’s transition from beltway living in metro Washington, D.C., to what they thought would be a “calmer” existence in rural Montana. 

The family soon discovers how unprepared they are for the challenges ahead, both comical and adventurous. The humor of their early encounters with cattle and local customs only masks the more ominous confrontations with predators and nature. Through their journey, they discover the true meaning of “the code of the West,” a concept which has not entirely vanished from the American way of life.