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Date: Jul 12, 2017 to Jul 12, 2017

Time: 02:00 p.m - 03:00 p.m


  • Online Event

Some of you currently serving Service members are about to face a huge decision. To take the new Blended Retirement program or stay the course under the current system.

Did you enter the Service in 2006 or after? You have to make a choice. Current or new Blended Retirement plan?

Did you enter the Service in 2005 or prior? You stay under the current program--no choice. However, you will have to counsel your people on the new Blended Retirement program. Help them with the right choice.

“But I may get out before retirement”, you say. Not so fast. Plenty of us retirees thought we were getting out before retirement and, BAM!, time passed and we were retiring. If you stay and later realize you made the wrong decision; buyer's remorse. If you leave, it won't matter what you decide.

Learn about your choices from the people who have no conflict of interest in your decision.

Attend the MOAA webinar on 12 July 2016, 1400 -1500 EDT. Open to all. No charge. Push out to all your friends and work mates.


Event Speakers


CAPT Paul Frost USN (Ret)

MOAA Deputy Director of Transition Services


LtCol Shane Ostrom USAF, (Ret)

MOAA Deputy Director Transition Services