The Art of Traveling Space-A

Have you ever thought about travel to exotic places, walking around the Parthenon in Athens, Greece, viewing Paris from the Eiffel Tower, shopping at the Rostro (Street Market) in Madrid, or enjoying a stein of beer during Oktoberfest in the Rhine Land of Germany? Many of us have done just that using free flights on DoD aircraft around the world via the Space-Available (Space-A) program.

Space-A travel is a byproduct of available remaining seats on regularly scheduled DoD missions. The Air Mobility Command (AMC) has reduced waiting time for Space-A flights and redundant document checks to smooth the check-in and boarding process for passengers. Families waiting for flights can relax in recently renovated family lounges. New credit card payment capability allows for payment of any required fees or in-flight meals. Keep in mind, based on mission requirements, some Space-A opportunities at low-volume airfields can be sporadic, and therefore passenger amenities might be very limited, so plan ahead.

The Space-A program is a privilege (not an entitlement) that accrues to Uniformed Services members as an avenue of respite from the rigors of Uniformed Services duty. Dependent family members generally are authorized to accompany their sponsor on Space-A flights. In addition, dependents of retired Uniformed Services members who have died overseas may use Category I Space-A travel to accompanying the remains of the deceased retired member to the continental U.S. Return travel is authorized if it is done within one year of arrival in the U.S.  Documentation, certified by DoD mortuary affairs personnel, must be presented to military air terminal personnel and must be in the dependents’ possession during travel.

Visit the nearest AMC air passenger terminal and review flight schedules displayed in the terminal to find out more about flights leaving from that location. AMC passenger service agents are trained to provide up-to-the-minute information on potential Space-A opportunities.

Find additional details about Space-A travel, including locations, flight schedules, and eligibility requirements, at