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Colonel Ramsey earned her bachelor's degree in nursing at George Mason University in Virginia and her master's degree in nursing from the University of Texas. As a career Army Nurse Corps officer, she served more than 28 years in a variety of staff and leadership positions.

Her assignments have included both health care and education in military facilities and staff positions in stateside and overseas assignments, with a focus on trauma and emergency care. 

She also graduated from the Inspector General course, the field nursing course, Command and General Staff College, and the faculty development course. Her positions included Inspector General staff, director of combat medic school, health care facility planning positions, combat developments, and TRICARE operations.
She is a principal of Medical Services International, a firm founded in 1992 that advises health care clients and provides consulting services focusing on the federal health care sector for new business development, marketing, creating health care alliances, project design, and management.

She has served on an advisory board for a large international Fortune 500 health care company and currently serves on an advisory board for the National Veterans Foundation. She is active in both local and national military and veteran associations and supports fundraising activities for the military and their family members. 

Positions Held at MOAA:

  • Chairman, Health Care Committee