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Lieutenant Colonel Clark earned his bachelor's degree in psychology at Coe College in Iowa and a doctorate in behavioral and neural sciences from Rutgers University in New Jersey after beginning his career as an enlisted member of the Army Reserves. He also is a certified Project Management Professional. He has commanded medical clinics and worked urgent medical and military science and technology issues at various locations around the world, including in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He has more than 25 refereed publications, book chapters, and professional reports. He has advised on military, veteran, foreign affairs, medical, and science and technology issues at the strategic and national level, including strategic staff work in the House of Representatives and at the Pentagon. He has directed scientific review panels in the areas of neuroscience, psychology, military operational medicine, and advanced technology development. As a research psychologist, he was recognized with the Surgeon General's “A” Proficiency Designator, the U.S. Army's highest recognition for professional excellence, and he is a member of the Army's selective Order of Military Medical Merit. 

Positions Held at MOAA:

  • Chairman, Membership Committee; Educational Assistance Committee/ MOAA Scholarship Fund Board