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MOAA Transitions - Rob Cosgriff

Support for Caregivers

Working with The Elizabeth Dole Foundation, MOAA has developed a site dedicated to provide resources and support services that are necessary to sustain military caregivers over the lifetime of their caregiving role.

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Starting Over

MOAA's latest video series examines the various ways which servicemembers transition from the military. Though Cmdr. Rob Cosgriff, USN (Ret) quickly found a job he loves upon retiring from the U.S. Navy, he still worries how his military career translates into the civilian world.

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Protecting Military Benefits

MOAA’s President and CEO, Vice Adm. Norb Ryan, USN (Ret), shared his thoughts on getting involved at a local level, and making a difference in protecting the earned benefits of our military.

Wealth Creation and Real Estate Investment

Visit our Financial Frontlines blog to learn about the three ways to build wealth.

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