2015 MOAA Signature Cruise 2
Why It Waves

MOAA Signature Cruise this Fall

Join VADM Ryan and fellow members on a Princess Cruise from Oct 3-10. MOAA's signature cruise package includes a members-only cocktail party, a MOAA group discount, and more. Call MOAA Travel at (866) 724-4462 and ask about the MOAA signature cruise.

Why It Waves

While many Americans fly their flags on July 4, some choose to show their colors every day of the year. MOAA spoke with a dozen people across the country about why they fly their flags year-round.

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MOAA members have access to services specifically designed for them.

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Military Professional Reading List

Find out what are the must-reads for military officers and which contemporaries are making waves with current military leaders.

Health Care Survey

Here's your chance to weigh in on the ‪#‎Military Health System (MHS). The MHS is working to enhance its web portals for sharing health performance data with beneficiaries. They need to know what information is important to you.