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Benefits of Membership

MOAA offers a wealth of information to include full access to financial planning, insurance coverage, and great rates on a variety of products. Generations of officers are here to help make you the best officer you can be.

Take the next big step in your career

Enjoy a smooth transition with advice on finding -- and keeping -- a civilian career.

Member Discounts

Are you aware of the discounts on products and services that are available to MOAA members? Take advantage of your membership perks and see how you can save by being a MOAA member.

Why Join

Why Should You Join?

MOAA members have access to services specifically designed for them.

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MOAA Today

TSP/401k or IRA. Which is best for you?

The advice is all over the map when discussing which type of retirement account is best for accumulating your retirement wealth.

Books and Guides

Reap the benefits of membership when you use the award-winning MOAA Info Exchange® - your most reliable resource for plain-English guidance on maximizing your hard-earned military benefits.